PhD Mentorship

Do you feel stuck at the same point and don’t know how to advance in your Ph.D.?

I feel you because I was in the same position a few years ago.


Nearly 50 percent of Ph.D. students never graduate

Getting a Ph.D. is difficult and can be very stressful. It is typical to struggle with emotional, social, and financial problems during the program.


A huge amount of Ph.D. students work more than 55h/week

In academia sometimes it seems that success is not measured by results, but by how many hours did you spend on the lab balancing your research, admin, and teaching duties… Learn how to organize your week and recover your weekends and afternoons.


Difficult relations with PI

Many Ph.D. students feel completely unsupported by their PI, others feel overwhelmed by the required amount of work, and unfortunately, others do not feel valued as a person either as a researcher.



Most Ph.D. students cope with financial, personal and professional uncertainty. Sometimes they block themselves because they are scared of what comes next in life.


Mental health issues

More than % suffer from anxiety or depression, but only 36% get professional help. Physical and mental exhaustion is a serious issue.



My purpose is to help other Ph.D. students to cope with the uncertainty of their careers and guide them to graduate as soon as possible.


But it seemed that no matter how much work I did, or how hard I tried, it is never enough.

Break with this feeling now and learn how to deal with your Ph.D. NOW!


  1. Learn how to manage your time and resources the most effective way
  2. Learn to deal with bureaucracy and sometimes with your advisor
  3. Learn how to perform and document your research
  4. Learn to understand your data and results
  5. Learn how to write excellent scientific papers with your work
  6. Get graduated as soon as possible and enjoy your life as a Ph.D.


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