The Blondie Machine is BACK! (Season 3 coming back in June)

Yes , it has been a long time since our last post, but here we are and we have lots of new things coming. 2021 was a busy year, but we have fixed all the stuff and we are back with more comics, humor and some surprises.

  • We have new characters based on real life friends.
  • New comics based on the experiences lived during my doctorate and all the weird things that happened. #OneOfTheseDays
  • Rejection stories, own and also yours (all the ones you have been sending me through twitter and instagram). #TBMHighHopes
  • We will also talk about mental issues during the thesis. #TBMAPillowOfWinds
  • And how it is life after it. #TBMWelcomeToTheMachine

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We also have some surprises that we will be revealing over the next few months.

Thank you for waiting for us, thank you for always being there.

If you want to support our work and do not miss anything, you can join us as our patreon



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